We should never let our view of ourselves be determined by another person who is lashing out because people aren’t perfect and people aren’t all-knowing – Only God is.  That is what makes him the perfect judge that we can trust implicitly.  That is why he is the perfect person to focus your energy and attention on pleasing, and no one else.   And we are able to control what he thinks of us by the way we act and the integrity we have. 

Don’t Compare Yourself With Others….(By Andrew Eneojoh)

One of the reasons it’s so challenging to learn how to stop comparing yourself to others is that humans are social creatures. At each stage of life, we must also compete against each other for survival – for an education, meaningful career opportunities and fulfilling relationships. If we’re not careful, our focus slips outward, and we look to others’ progress to gauge our own.

NO PAIN NO GAIN….. (BY Andrew Eneojoh)

The proverb ‘no pain no gain’ indicates that one must work hard or put extra effort to achieve the goals. One has to go through many difficulties or challenges to reach a respected and good position. There is always a connection between hard work and success. Everything that we want to achieve in life is connected to the effort that we put in that direction. One can’t expect much to be achieved without effort and hard work. Moreover, you can’t value the things which come in your life without any pain or struggle and you will fail to achieve any benefits out of it.